Div Ops 2018 Performance Management

As outlined in Alicia Knight's 07-09-18 email to all Division of Operations staff launching the 2018 Performance Management (PM) process, there are several major changes to how all staff will now complete their annual performance evaluation:

  • GW's transition to [email protected] (often referred to as [email protected]) online system for performance management means ALL parts of PM (including the self-assessment) are online
    • No more hard copy paper forms
  • Self-assessments are now mandatory for all employees (yes, that means you!)
  • Self-assessments must be completed in the online system by July 31, 2018
    • ​You can add to your self-assessment until Sep 7
  • Your 07-09-18 email has your link to the [email protected] system where you will complete the self-assessment
    • When you receive this email, please log-in and check out the system
    • Log-in credentials are your GW email address and password

Additional resources: 

Should you need any additional team trainings, or if any Manager/Supervisor would like to reserve a room and/or computer in Support, contact

You can also ask any/all questions to:



2018 PM Trainings

For All DivOps Staff

Self-Assessment Writing Labs

  • Get in-person help on completing your self-assessment by July 31
  • Every Thursday in July
  • 10am-3pm
  • Academic Center B104

Self-Assessment and Goal Writing Workshop

  • July 10 and 24
  • 2pm
  • Support 218

For Supervisors/Managers

Brown Bag LunchLearn for New Supervisors/Managers

  • July 18, Aug 21, Sep 4
  • All sessions at 12pm in Support 211

[email protected] – "Crash Course" for Supervisors/Managers 

  • July 31 – 10am and 2pm
  • Aug 14 – 10am and 2pm
  • Sep 5 – 7:30am, 11am, and 1pm
  • All session in Support 218

Performance Review Writing Workshops (for supervisors to write reviews)

  • Thursdays in Sep, 10am-3pm


Register here

More info:

Ayana Moore
[email protected]