Div Ops Performance Evaluation Materials

Per the letter sent by Alicia Knight and the timeline/training/resource guide, please find all the documents below that you will need to successfully complete the 2016-2017 performance review process. 


Additional Resources: 

Introductory Employment Period (IEP)

Should you need any additional team trainings, or if any Manager or Supervisor would like to reserve a room and/or computer in Support to complete the performance review outside of their typical workstation, please contact Kareem at [email protected] or 202.994.6717 

DivOps 2017 Performance Management Trainings

SMART Goal-Setting
Designed for more experienced employees, including supervisors and non-supervisors. Register for this session to learn how to write SMART goals. We will cover exactly what you should focus on when writing your goals, how to set goal milestones, and how to prepare for goal check-ins with your supervisor.

  • Upcoming trainings
    • Thursday, September 28th, 2pm, Support 211
  • Previous trainings: 7/20, 8/10, 8/21,  

Year long
learning opportunities