Leadership Team

All members of the leadership team work together to ensure we provide quality service to the GW community. Senior leadership of the Division of Operations are available to respond to your questions and concerns. 

Meghan Chapple, Director, Office of Sustainability
[email protected] | 202-99-GREEN

David Dent, Assistant Vice President, Facilities and Campus Development 
[email protected] | 202-740-0907

Rose Dunnegan, Senior Advisor & Chief of Staff
[email protected] | 202-994-8461

Alicia Knight, Senior Associate Vice President Operations
[email protected] | 202-994-2371

Wendy Martino, Director, Business Process Management
[email protected] | 202-994-1083

Ayana Moore, Director, Business Services & Staff Development
[email protected] | 202-994-7019 

Steve Nichols, Director, Technology & Information Management
[email protected] |  202-994-0421

Claude Owens, Sr. Hr Client Partner (Division of Operations)
[email protected] | 202-994-9605

John Ralls, Director, Communications and Outreach
[email protected] | 202-994-3128

Harold Speed, Executive Director, Facilities Services
[email protected] | 202-994-0468

Dave Underwood, Managing Director, Div Ops Finance
[email protected] | 703-726-8524

Karen Zinn, Executive Director, Business and Auxiliary Services
[email protected] | 202-994-7972